Core Values

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Mission Statement

"OCA exists to glorify God by nurturing students and equipping them to fulfill God's unique purpose for their lives."

Core Values

Christ Centered: OCA declares God's holy purpose is for our actions, words and thoughts to make us more like Christ.

Biblical/Christian Worldview: OCA accepts that the word of God is the framework for all learning, teaching and growing.

Excellence: OCA believes that excellence honors God, therefore the results of all teaching and learning should have an expectation of excellence.

Nurturing Environment: OCA believes that in the midst of learning and growing, God wants each of our students to be loved, cherished and protected.

God's One of a Kind: OCA accepts each student as a unique creation of God with a purpose that only he/she and God can fulfill.

Lifelong Learning: OCA wants each student to become a lifelong learner following God's purpose for their life by realizing all the potential He created in them.


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