Fine Arts


Fine Arts

Oconee Christian Academy gives students many opportunities to express their God-given talents and creativity in ways that bring glory to God. Through our art and music programs, our students produce beautiful works of art which bring honor to the Lord as they learn new skills and techniques which improve their natural talents.


Our elementary students learn at an early age to express themselves artistically through classes which develop fine motor skills, an understanding of colors, and simple drawing techniques. In high school, students may enhance their talent and skills in an elective art class.

Theater & Communications

Theater and Communications is a high school offering to allow our students to get involved in the dramatical arts while enhancing their ability for public speaking.


Beginning Band students learn how to read music, play an instrument, and perform music with their peers. Instruments students may choose to learn on are: Flute, Bb Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Bb Trumpet, Trombone, and percussion.

Worship Arts

Worship Arts is a fine arts course where you can learn many aspects of being part of a worship team from singing, to playing instruments, running a sound board, commanding the slide show for lyrics, etc.


Our music education begins in elementary school to give our young students an appreciation and broad understanding for all things musical. Students learn simple songs and explore such areas as rhythm and beats.


Photography, creative writing and graphic design skills are taught through the Oconee Christian Academy Yearbook course. Students annually produce a publication which communicates the life, activities and culture of the school.


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