Middle School

Giving students the academic instruction, social experiences, and spiritual guidance they need to prepare for high school, college, and beyond.


Middle School

Middle school can be a challenging time for many students. Our goal at OCA is to help our students navigate the transition from childhood to adolescence, guided by God’s wisdom and love. At OCA, we aim to create a safe space for students to try new things, achieve new academic heights, and mature in their faith.


Students begin 6th grade with a New Testament class, focusing on the life of Jesus and the early church. Students learn to develop a Christian worldview through the knowledge and application of Scripture.

In 7th grade, students take a “road trip” through the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. Students will understand the primary themes of Scripture and learn to identify and locate key biblical events and figures.

8th graders journey through the Gospel of John and develop a deeper knowledge of Christ, and relationship with Him. Students can express their understanding of Christ's identity, ministry, and doctrine.


Through lessons, discussions, writing, collaborative activities, and quarterly STEM projects, students develop critical thinking skills for applying mathematical models and principles to real-world problems.


We empower students to think biblically as they respond to literature from a biblical worldview. Reading strategies, critical-thinking skills, grammar usage development, and vocabulary building form the core elements of our reading instruction.


Students explore both world and American history, from ancient civilizations and Biblical times to the present day. They survey major events that have shaped history, focusing on cultural shifts and influences while applying a biblical worldview.

Language Arts

We actively engage students in numerous opportunities to grow as discerning readers, critical thinkers, and competent writers through literacy fluency, purposeful writing, speech and vocabulary, and grammar fundamentals.


We train OCA students to be scientific inquiries through hands-on experiments and engaging lessons that teach science from a Biblical perspective. Courses include Life Science, Physical Science, and Earth Science.


We enrich students' experiences with art, music, PE, career clusters, language, and technology classes, ensuring a well-rounded education.


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