Elementary School

Cultivating confident, curious, and kind-hearted students who embody academic excellence, cooperation with their peers, and strong faith.



(Kindergarten - Fifth Grades)

Oconee Christian Academy recognizes the value of providing your child with a solid, faith-based foundation that goes beyond academics. Our elementary program provides a challenging and well-rounded education taught with a Biblical foundation allowing our elementary students to flourish in the classroom and beyond. Our devoted teachers equip students with essential literacy skills and knowledge while nurturing a lifelong love of learning that remains with them throughout their spiritual and academic journey.


Our goal is to make Bible study the most exciting part of the school day, including:

  • Multiple opportunities for children to embrace faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Nurturing an ongoing personal relationship with Jesus.
  • Age-appropriate engagement with Scriptures.
  • Daily opportunities to apply Bible truths to their lives.
  • Emphasis on developing Christlike characteristics.
  • Connection of biblical principles to real-life needs.
  • Our daily Bible classes are complemented by a weekly elementary chapel service filled with engaging songs, lessons, and a time of corporate prayer.


Students develop a robust mathematical foundation with a curriculum that reinforces skills daily and builds upon them at each grade level. We emphasize math concepts by using manipulatives, critical thinking, and problem-solving for deeper understanding and application.


Reading instruction utilizes all types of genres. These skills are developed through reading texts, novel studies, and examining nonfiction books. The students’ reading ability is enhanced through project-based learning opportunities to develop independent lifelong reading success.


Biblically-based curriculum ensures students are exposed to accurate accounts of U.S. heritage from its beginnings to the present day. Additionally, they are taught geographical skills, citizenship, economics and culture through a Biblical worldview approach.

Language Arts

Students learn parts of speech, sentence structure, and how to organize and produce quality writing using the 6 Traits method, alongside manuscript and cursive handwriting formations. Vocabulary skills and weekly spelling tests are used to enhance and strengthen writing abilities.

Related Arts

Students also receive enrichment with library, art, music, PE, Spanish, and technology opportunities.


Students become scientific inquirers through hands-on experiments and captivating lessons that teach science through a biblical perspective.

Oconee Christian Academy curriculum insures students will be well equipped for learning success and provides academic rigor and opportunities for engaging activities and projects. Small class sizes provide the opportunity to better meet the individual needs of our students.


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